Banknote Counter

Banknote Counter & Counterfeit Detector

Our Banknote Counter series were specially designed and developed to detect Ringgit Malaysia fake note. Equipped with the most advance sensor and unique counterfeit detector from USA and Japan. The state-of-art software is capable of recognizing our banknotes and detects up to 99% of all known forged banknotes currently in circulation. Highly dependable and ideal for Bank, Financial Institution and business with high volume cash handling.


  1. Advanced Features:
    • Mixed Value Counting
    • Sort Counting
    • Pieces Counting
  1. Counterfeit Detection:
    • UVD: Ultra Violet Detection
    • MGD: Magnetic Ink Detection
    • MTD: Metal Thread Detection
    • IRD: Infra Red Detection
    • CIS: Color Image Sensor Detection
  1. Counting Function:
    • Basic Counting
    • Batch Counting
    • Add Function Counting
  1. Other Function:
    • Detail Report Screen on Mixed Value Counting
    • Double, Chain, Half & Damage Notes Detection
    • Easy upgrading via USB port